From the 1 st February 2017 schedule 2 (S2) and schedule 3 (S3) combination medicines containing codeine which were previously available over the counter will be upscheduled to S4 drugs which means they will be available only on a prescription written by your doctor. The change was brought about over concerns over the inappropriate use of codeine causing dependence in some patients.

Products that will be affected include
  • Iburofen+ codeine combinations such as Nurofen Plus, Chemists’ Own Ibuprofen and Panafen Plus
  • Paracetamol + codeine combinations such as Panadeine, Chemists’ Own Pain Tablets, Panadeine Extra and Chemists’ Own Strong Pain Plus Tablets.
  • Paracetamol + codeine + doxylamine combinations such as Mersyndol and Dolased.
  • Some Cold & Flu tablets ( both the original and PE formulas) such as Codral cold & flu tablets, Codral Day & Night tablets.