As the name implies, Home Health Care equipment encompasses a broad spectrum of techniques and products to aid in the care, rehabilitation, recovery and comfort of anybody with a broad spectrum of requirements.

It is often mistakenly thought of as care for the elderly, and whilst the predominance of users may be in that age group, others of all ages recovering from sporting injuries, car accidents, fractures, operations and a host of other challenges are able to do so in the comfort of their own home – but will inevitably need the use of a wide spectrum of Home Health Care products.

We carry a wide variety of home healthcare equipment in stock –

  • wheelchairs
  • commodes
  • rollators
  • shower chairs
  • bed frames
  • walking sticks
  • walking frames
  • wound care
  • incontinence management
  • aids to daily living
  • dosage compliance

…and, once again, if we don’t have it here we can generally find it for you.

And we can deliver and set-up these products for you if needs be….